Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA)
Client Satisfaction Measurement (CSM) Prescribed Form
PSA Approval: ARTA- 2242-3


INSTRUCTIONS: Check mark (✓) your answer to the Citizen's Charter (CC) questions. The Citizen's Charter is an official document that reflects the services of a government agency/office including its requirements, fees, and processing times among others.

CC1: Which of the following best describes your awareness of a CC? *

CC2: If aware of CC (answered 1-3 in CC1), would you say that the CC of this office was ...?*

CC3: If aware of CC (answered codes 1-3 in CC1), how much did the CC help you in your transaction?*


Strongly Disagree




Neither Agree nor Disagree




Strongly Agree


Not Applicable
SQD0. I am satisfied with the service that I availed.*
SQD1. I spent a reasonable amounth of time for my transaction.*
SQD2. The office followed the transaction's requirements and steps based on the information provided.*
SQD3. The steps (including payment) I needed to do for my transaction were easy and simple.*
SQD4. I easily found information about my transaction from the office or its website.*
SQD5. I paid a reasonable amount of fees for my transaction.*
SQD6. I feel the office was fair to everyone or "walang palakasan", during my transaction.*
SQD7. I was treated courteously by the staff, and (if asked for help) the staff was helpful.*
SQD8. I got what I needed from the government office, or (if denied) denial of request was suffieciently explained to me.*